Current Members

Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments

Silver Cliff

H.A. "Buck" Wenzel


Greg Labbe
Vice Chairman

Lake County

Commissioner Jeff Fiedler
Board Member

Fremont County

Commissioner Dwayne McFall
Board Member

Chaffee County

Commissioner PT Wood
Board Member

Custer County

Commissioner Kevin Day
Board Member

Buena Vista

Trustee Devin Rowe
Board Member

Cañon City

Mayor Ashley Smith
Board Member

UAACOG Board Meetings

Local Leadership

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) Board of Directors is made up of local elected representatives from the four primary counties it serves. Each county commission board sends one representative to the UAACOG board, and one official from a municipality in each county also joins the board.

The composition of the UAACOG Board can change as local officials rotate due to elections or term constraints. Residents from the counties that UAACOG serves are invited to join board meetings. For details on schedules, times, and how meetings are conducted, please contact our office.

The Power of Regional Unity

Planning and Management Region 13

Founded in 1974, the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) is a dynamic coalition of county and municipal governments dedicated to regional cooperation. Serving the Planning and Management Region 13 in Colorado, UAACOG ensures community services are efficiently provided on a regional basis, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the region's inhabitants both socially and economically.

UAACOG stands steadfast in its mission to strengthen our community by providing service, support, and resources to make lives better.

Adhering to the essence of regional collaboration, UAACOG believes in the immense social and economic benefits that arise from regions working hand in hand. The council continues to evolve, addressing the needs and opportunities of the region, always aiming for a brighter, more cohesive future for its inhabitants.

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