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Community Service Block Grant

CSBG LogoThe Community Service Block Grant, or CSBG, is federal funding that is provided to states and local agencies to address poverty at the community level. The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments provides CSBG funding to four Counties: Fremont, Custer, Chaffee, and Lake. UAACOG provides services directly to Fremont, Chaffee, and Lake Counties and subcontracts CSBG funds to Custer County.

This funding is available to the community who meet the Federal Poverty Guidelines. The purpose of this funding is to support individuals and families in financial stability and to recover from an emergency.

Our scope of services includes rent, mortgage, utilities (this includes propane and firewood), medical bills and equipment, adult and child dental, vision, minor car repairs, emergency hotel stays due to housing damage or fleeing domestic violence, appliance repair/ replacement, and child care expenses to preserve a child’s enrollment.

This grant is a onetime payment, once in five years per applicant or family, not ongoing payments. We work very closely with other local agencies and resources to further assist an individuals or family’s needs. CSBG cannot pay for deposits.

CSBG Emergency Funds - The total number of families impacted by CSBG funds in our counties in 2023 was 93; the number of individuals impacted by CSBG funds was 179.

Where To Submit Your Application

Fremont, Chaffee, and Lake County

  • Samantha Hughes (CSBG Coordinator/ Administrator)
  • 3224-A Independence Rd. - Cañon City, Colorado 81212
  • samantha.hughes@uaacog.com
  • (719) 275-1675 x 104

Custer County

  • Laura Lockhart
  • Custer County Department of Human Services
  • 205 S. 6th Street - Westcliffe, Colorado 81252
  • laura.lockhart@state.co.us

Please ensure that all documents that are requested are with your application at the time you turn them in. Incomplete applications or applications without supporting documents will not be accepted or denied. You must include all income in the household.

If requesting utility assistance, a utilities disclosure form must also be submitted. Please also fill out a zero-income statement for anyone in the household over 18 with no income.

View Application Documents (Scrolls to documents section)

Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Table
2024 Eligibility

This table compares the 100% FPL to the 125% FPL (usual for CSBG eligibility) to the 200% FPL currently being used as an exception for CSBG eligibility through 2/2/2024.

Number of Persons in Family/Household 100% of FPL 200% of FPL 125% of FPL
1 $15,060 $30,120 $18,825
2 $20,440 $40,880 $25,550
3 $25,820 $51,640 $32,275
4 $31,200 $62,400 $39,000
5 $36,850 $73,160 $45,725
6 $41,960 $83,920 $52,450
7 $47,340 $94,680 $59,175
8 $52,720 $105,440 $65,900
For each additional person, add amount of: $5,380 $10,760 $6,725
200% FPL Effective THROUGH 9/30/2024
125% FPL Effective ON 10/1/2024
Late on September 30, 2023, President Biden signed a continuing resolution (CR) passed by Congress which funds federal government programs until November 17, 2023. For CAAs, this means that federal funding will continue at FY2023 levels and under the same conditions that applied to FY2023 funds for the next 45 days. This includes the option for states to allow Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) eligibility for those at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

CSBG Emergency Assistance

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