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The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) is proud to offer Mini-Grants to local governments within the UAACOG region (Region 13: Lake, Fremont, Custer, and Chaffee Counties). These grants are funded by the UAACOG in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Mineral Impact Assistance Program.

The UAACOG is soliciting proposals for Community/Economic Development Projects. A total of $100,000 is available to fund 2024 projects for counties and municipalities within the four-county region. Projects funded in 2023 include the following:

Examples of Previously Funded Projects
Local Government Funded Project
Brookside Community Pavilion Project
Buena Vista Landscape Project and Community Center Furnace
Coal Creek Dangerous Property Reclamation Project
Custer County Roof for Cardboard Barn and Recycling Office Roof
Florence AV System Upgrade
Fremont County Bearproof Trashcans for Pathfinder Park
Lake County Traffic Safety Speed Reading Signs
Poncha Springs Tailwind Park Pavilion Project
Rockvale Sealing Gaps in Town Hall
Silver Cliff Park Improvements-Roofing and Video Surveillance
Westcliffe Energy Efficient Windows for Town Shop
Williamsburg Town Hall Beautification and Town Shop Weatherization
Leadville Strategic planning for the city
Salida Driver operator training for fire department
Buena Vista Town sign beautification project
Florence Pool facade painting
Custer County Playground equipment
Chaffee County Commissioners chambers AV upgrade
Silver Cliff Military graves coin plaque and concrete cornhole sets for community park

There are a wide range of projects that may qualify for funding. Prior to working on a proposal, please contact Heather Evans, UAACOG Executive Director, to ensure that your project will be eligible for funding. Additionally, please refer to the 2023 Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Mini-Grant Guidelines and the Mini-Grant Application Form

We are working hard to ensure that this program is not burdensome to local government staff and reviewing your project prior to working on a proposal will help ensure success.

Please send completed applications to the email address below. Grant funds will be awarded by the UAACOG Board of Directors, and all decisions are final.

Funding will be provided for projects that are approved by the DOLA Regional Manager and the UAACOG and which provide proof of invoicing and payment for all project costs being completed by October 31, 2024. Therefore, this is a reimbursement grant program. NO WORK on the project may begin prior to full UAACOG board approval AND fully executed agreement between DOLA, the UAACOG and Applicant.

Please submit completed applications via mail OR email to:

Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments
Attn: Heather Evans
3224-A Independence Road
Cañon City, CO 81212

Documents / Downloads
EIAF Guidelines
The following guidelines are designed to assist potential applicants in applying to the Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund
2024 EIAF Mini-Grant Application
Funded by the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Program
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Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Grant (EIAF)
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