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A message from the Executive Director Heather Evans

Serving the community, promoting collaboration, making connections—this is what we do at the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments.  We help make our community, our four-county region, a better place to live and work.  We do this by providing high-quality community services, services that impact people from birth to death, and everywhere in between.  We also do this by working closely with the business sector, other nonprofits, and local governments, finding out what the people in our region need, then working together to meet those needs.

                The challenges that each community faces are unique, and as part of the COG, no community has to face those challenges alone.  Issues such as poverty, unemployment, housing shortages, struggling businesses, and a growing senior population, are too complex, too expensive, and too daunting to address in isolation.  For our rural communities, this is even more true.   Together, we can meet the needs of our communities; together, we can find real solutions to regional problems; together, we can make a difference.

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments—because we’re better together.


Our Impact This Year

  • People Helped


  • Volunteer Hours


  • Investment Returns!


  • Early Childhood Education
    Early Childhood Education

    175 children & families served

Buying food from farmers and ranchers has so many great benefits. Consider stopping by your local farmers market to enjoy the many advantages it has to offer.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to focus on your wellness. How you feel trickles into your everyday life, which is why it’s important for you to put your physical and mental health and wellbeing first.

When times are hard, it’s important to move forward and do what you can for others. Above all, open yourself up to listen and try to better understand the situation from your friend or loved one’s perspective.

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