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UAACOG, or the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments, is an organization dedicated to serving the Upper Arkansas region of Colorado. It provides a range of services aimed at community development, support, and well-being.

Key initiatives include promoting senior health and independence, fostering local business growth through financing and tax breaks, ensuring child and family wellness via programs like WIC and Head Start, making housing more accessible through various housing programs, and funding rural transportation projects to connect communities.

Through these efforts, UAACOG aims to enhance the quality of life for residents and ensure sustainable growth in the region.

Area Agency On Aging

Empowering Seniors: Dedicated to our esteemed seniors aged 60 and above, we are passionate about ensuring they lead fulfilling, independent, and dignified lives. Prioritizing those with the most significant social and economic needs, we utilize education, advocacy, and tailored services to enhance their quality of life. Learn More

Upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation

Fueling Business Growth: As a local non-profit extension of UAACOG, we extend financial solutions to emerging and expanding businesses. From flexible Gap Loans to the informative Colorado Enterprise Zone Program, we’re here to nurture economic growth and innovation. Learn More

Women, Infants, And Children (WIC)

Nurturing Families: We’re more than just a nutrition program. WIC stands as a beacon of support for mothers, infants, and young children, embracing a holistic approach to family wellness. Entrust in our commitment to confidentiality and our dedication to empowering families. Learn More

Head Start

Building Bright Futures: Our inclusive, federally-funded preschool program is designed with love for low-income children aged 3-5. Beyond education, we offer transportation, meals, and an avenue for guardians to engage actively in their child's early education. Learn More


Your Home Journey: Every individual deserves a safe, comfortable space to call home. Through renovation assistance, rental support, and homeownership guidance, we’re here to walk alongside you, every step of your housing journey. Learn More


Transporting Residents: Recognizing the pivotal role of transportation in rural areas, UAACOG adeptly manages the financial aspects of grants aimed at bolstering rural transit. Our initiatives ensure residents in sparsely populated regions can travel seamlessly and efficiently. Learn More

CSBG Emergency Assistance

Hand in Crisis: Times of crisis call for a steadfast hand of support. We provide financial aid to eligible individuals and families facing emergencies, ensuring that our community members remain resilient in the face of adversity. Learn More

Food Distribution

Feeding Fremont: In collaboration with esteemed partners, we offer emergency food assistance in Fremont County, ensuring that no one goes to bed hungry. Learn More

A Message From The Director

Heather Evans

Celebrating 50 Years - UAACOG LogoServing the community, promoting collaboration, making connections—this is what we do at the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments.  We help make our community, our four-county region, a better place to live and work.  We do this by providing high-quality community services, services that impact people from birth to death, and everywhere in between.  

We also do this by working closely with the business sector, other nonprofits, and local governments, finding out what the people in our region need, then working together to meet those needs.

The challenges that each community faces are unique, and as part of the COG, no community has to face those challenges alone.  Issues such as poverty, unemployment, housing shortages, struggling businesses, and a growing senior population, are too complex, too expensive, and too daunting to address in isolation. 

For our rural communities, this is even more true. Together, we can meet the needs of our communities; together, we can find real solutions to regional problems; together, we can make a difference.

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments - because we’re better together.

The Power of Regional Unity

Planning and Management Region 13

Founded in 1974, the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) is a dynamic coalition of county and municipal governments dedicated to regional cooperation. Serving the Planning and Management Region 13 in Colorado, UAACOG ensures community services are efficiently provided on a regional basis, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the region's inhabitants both socially and economically.

UAACOG stands steadfast in its mission to strengthen our community by providing service, support, and resources to make lives better.

Adhering to the essence of regional collaboration, UAACOG believes in the immense social and economic benefits that arise from regions working hand in hand. The council continues to evolve, addressing the needs and opportunities of the region, always aiming for a brighter, more cohesive future for its inhabitants.

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