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Business Loans

Need funding? Small business loans available

The Upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation (UAADC) provides a variety of loans and funding opportunities for businesses in Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, Lake Park and Teller Counties.This loan program is not intended to complete with private lenders but to enhance the opportunities to access funding for small businesses to obtain funding to create job growth in these counties.

  • Gap funding that is done in conjunction with an established bank loan
  • Direct financing without bank participation
  • Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) business loans intended to promote the forest industry and create jobs while preserving the health of one of our greatest natural resources


The intent of these loans is to grow employment opportunities in these counties. 


Attention Business Owners: A 2nd round of funding for gap loans is happening now click this link and follw the tinstructions if you are needing help to get by Energize Colorado Gap Fund



Enterprise Zone Tax Credits

What is an Enterprise Zone Tax Credit?

Colorado offers tax credits for economically depressed areas within the state.  The criteria is based on unemployment rates, population growth, area income and other economic factors.  Tax incentives are offered to private enterprises to start or expand their operations into a designated enterprise zone.


The Central Colorado Enterprise Zone, administered by UAACOG currently has 18, E-Zone projects available for businesses to support in return for tax credits.

  • Tabor Opera House
  • Heart of Rockies Regional Medical Center
  • Lake County EDC
  • National Mining Hall Of Fame
  • Canon City River Recreation & Downtown Development
  • The Farm at Buena Vista
  • Park County Housing - Summit Habitat for Humanity
  • Eleven 11
  • St. Thomas More Hospital
  • Cloud City Wheelers
  • St. Vincent's Hospital Foundation
  • Loaves and Fishes Ministries - Fremont County
  • Chaffee County Habitat for Humanity
  • Florence Pioneer Museum
  • West Custer County Hospital District
  • Fremont Economic Development Corporation
  • Chaffee County EDC
  • Bell Tower Cultural Center

Types of businesses utilizing UAADC business loans:

  • Retail stores
  • Self Storage
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism 
  • Manufacturing
  • Forestry and Logging

There are over 55 jobs that have been created by the industries represented above. Going with a proven model of a business adding just 1 job, these business loan funds do boost our local employment number and overall economy.

Funding and support provided by

  • Households Helped


  • Food Distributed

    202,654 Pounds = 101.33 Tons

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