How is UAACOG governed and managed?

Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) activities are directed by its Board of Directors, which is comprised of eight elected officials representing the four counties. This includes one commissioner from each county and one municipal elected official (usually the mayor) from each county. The staff of UAACOG is responsible for executing the directives of the Council.

In Colorado, Councils of Government (COG) and economic development districts are voluntary collaborations formed under state regulations. These councils act as platforms for local governments to pinpoint and strategize around regional challenges and prospects, streamlining oversight for assorted regional initiatives.

The array of services these councils and districts offer is diverse, executed collaboratively with member governments, the business community, and state or federal allies.

The Colorado Association of Regional Organizations (CARO) was established in 2008, uniting Colorado's 14 planning and management regions. This overarching body supports regional entities in enhancing their service capacities for local governments. It also facilitates routine information and idea exchanges, educates governmental bodies, private entities, and the public about regional services, and advocates for regional groups at both state and federal levels.

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