How does UAACOG collaborate with local municipalities?

UAACOG, the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments, collaborates closely with local municipalities within its served counties through its Board of Directors, which consists of elected officials from the four counties, including one commissioner from each county and one municipal elected official (typically the mayor) from each county. This board structure ensures that the voice and needs of each local municipality are considered in UAACOG's decision-making processes.

Moreover, UAACOG serves as an umbrella organization, providing a multitude of community services that cater to diverse needs, ranging from infant care to senior services, business assistance, and housing. The organization works hand in hand with local governments to identify regional issues and implement programs that might not be as practical or efficient to deliver on an individual municipal basis.

Through this integrated approach, UAACOG embodies regional cooperation and coordination, ensuring that services are efficiently provided and cater to the unique needs of each area within the region.

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