What Is The Upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation?

Since 1989, the Upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation has helped create over 400 jobs and financed over 140 businesses.


Over 1/3 of these loans were women-owned businesses.

The UAADC is a local non-profit organization created by Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments to provide financing assistance to new and expanding for-profit businesses in these counties:


  • Chaffee
  • Custer
  • Fremont
  • Lake
  • Park
  • Teller


Each county is represented on our six-member Board of Directors.


UAADC financing programs are not intended to compete with or replace private sector financing. A genuine effort to secure private financing is required of all borrowers.


We have helped auto repair shops, printing shops, manufacturers, child care centers, consultants, trucking firms, restaurants, construction trades, renewable energy firms, feed stores, retail shops, retail shops, recreation companies...

Let us help you achieve your goals!

Our GAP Loan fills the 'gap' remaining after your primary lender determines it cannot lend ll necessary financing for your overall business needs.


Gap Loan Features

  • Flexible collateral
  • Refinancing of recent business expenses to improve cash flow
  • Gap Loans range from $20,000 to $125,000
  • Loan term flexible to your needs
  • Loan interest rate above prime based on risk
  • Owner cash injection of 10% of total project (Restaurant projects require 20% owner injection)
  • One full-time job created or retained per $20,000 loaned


Direct Loan Features

Our Direct Loan is suited for a borrower who has been denied typical sources of financing and needs a

  • Loan amount from $5,000 to $100,000
  • Flexible loan term, but usually under 5 years
  • Other features are the same as the Gap loan

UAADC/CSFS Forest Business Loans

The primary goals of the UAADC / CSFS loan program are to improve and grow Colorado’s forest industry and individual forest businesses.  Implementation of these goals depend on the UAADC / CSFS playing a leadership role in actively engaging forest business owners, listening to their specific finance needs and creatively structuring each loan to help each forest business long term success.


Most forest businesses will not qualify for typical commercial financing for many lending risk reasons: variable markets and prices, specialized equipment collateral, seasonal harvesting impacting on-going cash flow, unpredictable weather and access roads, delays in receiving payments from the BLM / USFS, equipment with a lot of moving parts and stresses, long distances to deliver heavy products, on-going safety concerns, employee hiring challenges, fuel costs and more….and this is where the UAADC / CSFS loan program comes in with financing with creative flexibility with understanding of the  risk environment.


The challenges and risks forest businesses face inspires the UAADC / CSFS loan program team to evaluate and solve lending risk problems and keenly understand each forest business needs.  Most UAADC / CSFS loans are for equipment purchases and working capital.  Forest business borrowers benefit Colorado with selective harvesting for habitat improvement, reduced wildfire fuels, fire wood/pellets, saw logs, posts & poles, fencing, large structural underground mining lumber, building siding, pallet manufacturing, mulch, dimension lumber, landscaping framework, interior and exterior trim and molding, erosion control wood-straw, decorative and structural blue-stain lumber, and animal bedding materials.


These forest business loans are the critically important source of forest business financing to make Colorado forests, businesses, employment, and products work…good loans, great businesses, green forests!



Thanks to the UAADC loan program, I have been given the opportunity to reach for new personal goals and open a restaurant of my own. They have been very easy to talk to and made the loan process understandable.

    - Lorri, owner of Garden Song Cafe, Buena Vista


The upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation has been instrumental in helping businesses in our area for over 21 years. The UAADC works to evercome the lending challenges for those who need and qualify for their assistance.

    - John Engelbrecht. Salida Chamber of Commerce


We opened a second child care center in January 2008. The cost for renovating the building and purchasing all needed supplies required  high-interest loans and credit cards. The loan received from the UAADC provided for improvments to grow the business and consolidated our payments into one low-interest monthly payment. This loan was a huge encouragement and greatly appreciated.

    - Jane, owner of Morning Star Child Care Center, Leadville


Another Way We Can Help

The Upper Arkansas Enterprise Zone administers State Tax Credits that may apply to your business. 

How to Get There from Here

Get free, confidential, one-on-one business consulting from your local Small Business Development Center.

Confidential business consultation and plan preparation services are available through the Colorado SBDC Network locations in the Upper Arkansas Area Development Corporation service area.


These services can help you reach your goals by assisting with development of the required information and planning necessary to secure financial assistance.


To contact your local SBDC Center, visit coloradosbdc.org

Additional business development resources are available from SCORE at score.org. See "business tools" and "find a SCORE office near you".





For More Information

Marc Bellantoni Administrator, UAADC & Enterprise Zone

(719) 275-8350 x125 | marc.bellantoni@uaacog.com