Central Colorado Housing (CCH), a department of the Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments (UAACOG) packages 502 Direct Program Loans for USDA/Rural Development.

• What is the Direct Loan Program?

USDA Rural Development provides loans (mortgages) to enable eligible applicants to purchase homes in rural areas.

The Direct Loan Program gives families with very low and low incomes the opportunity to buy, build, rehabilitate, improve, or relocate dwellings in rural areas.

• Who is eligible?

Rural Housing loans may be made to applicants who meet the low income criteria that are based on   the   median   income   in   each   county.   Current   loan   limits   can   be   found   here:


In addition to the income criteria, applicants must:

o  Have acceptable credit history 

o  Have stable income

o  Have the ability to repay the loan

o  Have acceptable debt load for income level

o  Plan to personally occupy the dwelling

o  Be a US citizen or qualified alien

• What areas does CCH serve?

CCH serves Chaffee, Custer, Fremont and Lake Counties.   For other counties visit: any local Rural Development office or check online at: www.usda.gov

• What are the loan terms?

o   33 or 38 year terms

o  Homes  must  be  considered  modest  for  the  area  and  be  in  average  or  better


o   NO   farmsteads,   income   producing    structures,   acreage   large   enough   to subdivide, or in·ground swimming pools.

o   Loan amounts can be approved up to 100% of the APPRAISED value, plus you may include the cost of the appraisal and tax service fees.

o   Home may not exceed maximum purchase price limits for the county where it is located.

o   Interest   rate   may   be   subsidized   for   qualified   applicants,   thereby   making payments more affordable.

For more information or to apply complete the pre-application below and contact:

Laura Yost 719.269.7867 x110 or use the contact form below.